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Each day we feature something cool to do in New Zealand at a huge discount. Our main focus is helping people get out and about enjoying their city and country, while also generating some fantastic business for our local economy.

Featuring on Dailydo is great exposure for your company, the face time with your product or service is unprecedented in comparison to other forms of marketing. Plus our social initiatives, unbeatable value, and entertaining write-ups keep consumers engaged in a way that traditional marketing can't match.

Dailydo generates viral (word of mouth) marketing, which can't be beaten in terms of brand exposure. Plus our deals will generate a high number of sales in a short period of time, meaning you're investing in the most valuable asset to your company - committed consumers.

Risk-free marketing.

Featuring on Dailydo is completely risk-free! There are no long-term contracts or upfront costs. It's a win for you, for us, and for the customers.

So you want to feature?

Great! The process is simple.

  • You decide: YES! I want Dailydo to feature my business!
  • One of our friendly team will call you for an initial consultation, they'll answer any questions you have and talk about what your business hopes to achieve from the campaign. They'll nut out all the nitty gritty with you and create a unique plan and irresistible deal to get the desired results for your business.
  • Then we'll design an irresistible electronic advertisement for your product or service, tailored to your brand and of the highest professional standard.
  • Your deal is featured on the website for a full 24 hours - it's too good to resist and customers click 'buy now', where they safely and securely purchase their voucher.
  • We'll send you a run-down on how your deal went, including a list of the voucher codes purchased for your reference.
  • Then we'll transfer the income generated by the deal to you, less our percentage of the sale that was previously agreed upon.
  • If you are interested in featuring your business on DailyDo, send an e-mail with your contact information to